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    Gower Reclamation in Swansea
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    Architectural Reclamation Wales
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    Gower Reclamation
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Welcome to Gower Reclamation

South Wales

Gower Architectural Reclamation has over 40 years experience and specialise in the best architectural antiques from the 19th and early 20th centuries. We are situated in the heart of the Gower, Swansea, South Wales but can normally arrange delivery to most parts of the UK. Over the last forty years we have saved many rare and unusual items from old buildings, from Churches to Mansions. Staircases, panelled rooms, spectacular stained glass windows, doorways, doors, windows.

In a world with ever changing trends and fashions Gower Reclamation has to move with the times and this means we always have a good range of interior and exterior fittings and fixtures from Rococo to Retro and Shabby Chic to Funky !

In our on-site workshops we also create unique 'upcycled' items combining reclaimed materials with imagination to make fantastic furniture. We also make bespoke furniture on request and any items sold by us can be altered to suit your requirements.

Why choose Gower Reclamation?

Here are just a few reasons

All items and structures are photographed before being dismantled carefully by our skilled craftsmen.

Our large stock of genuine antique architectural items is an ideal source for enthusiasts all over the world. We supply reclaimed items and materials to all manner of businesses and private individuals, and for all manner of uses across the world.

Due to our location we have access to some of the best reclaimed materials from Welsh churches and Chapels. Covering a wide range of panelling, stained glass windows, pews, carved pulpits, altars, fonts, balconies and general reclaimed wood.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to contact us or use our online enquiry form to ask for advice. We are more than happy to help.

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